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Premier Credit Repair

A Professional Full Service Credit Repair and Building Company


We partner with all three credit bureaus:


Whether you are confused by your credit report, or just don’t have the time to manage the credit repair process yourself, we offer an array of effective solutions. While other credit repair services only offer credit bureau disputes, we’ll go to the collection agencies, your original creditors and the credit bureaus to correct or remove inaccurate information from your credit report, giving you the best possible chances of improvement. We can address anything and everything hurting your score!

What's Your Credit Score?


How to obtain our

Credit Repair Services

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Do you have any questions in regards to the credit repair process? Not a problem! Call us today. 

At Premier Credit Services we have a diverse team of talented professionals working to restore the strength of your credit.  Our credit repair team is made up of knowledgeable experts in the areas of personal finance, income taxes, mortgage lending, real estate and credit management.  You can count on the power of our team at Premier Credit Services to offer the most comprehensive and personalized credit report repair solutions available.
We challenge negative items to improve your credit score dramatically
• Late Payments
• Collections
• Charge Offs
• Bankruptcies
• Tax Liens
• Tax Liens
• Repossessions
• Inquiries
• Identity Theft
• Fraud
• Student Loans
• Personal info errors
• Foreclosures
• Closed Accounts
• Negative Settlements

Is Bad Credit or No Credit Keeping You From Getting Approved For Credit? Not A Problem We Can Help!

If we can’t remove it, we can settle it

Any remaining items that can’t be removed through credit repair can still be corrected. We specialize in assisting with debt settlement and pay for delete services that can assist in getting the job done. Whether it be through assisting in flexible payment plans, reduction of debt by up to 50% on average, pay for delete negotiations, or with additional proven techniques that work.  

Ready to Purchase A Home Or Refinance Your Current One But Your Credit Is Too Low? We Can Also Help Raise Your Credit Score!

We’ll help you establish new credit

Assist in getting new credit cards

We can assist in determining which cards are right for you and your situation, and which ones to apply for.

Learn to manage your new credit

We’ll guide you in establishing the right mix of credit types, and help you keep your debt to limit ratios in check.

Ready to begin your Credit Repair journey?

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