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Why Hiring a Property Management Company Is the Best Way to Go!


Are you aware of how beneficial a truly great property management company can be to your investment house(s)?

As far as I am concerned, there is only one answer: By hiring The Zuñiga Property Management Group investors such as yourself can improve their chances of owning and operating a successful rental portfolio. Please note that I didn’t just say any property management company; In all honesty it has to be a truly great one. In my years in the business which has been over a decade I can easily say I have seen it all. The worst mistake an investor can make is struggle with self-management and think they can take on the task alone. Hiring the right property management company to oversee your real estate investments is like putting it on auto pilot where we do all the leg work for you. Here are a few reasons why you should be using a property manager.


The benefits of working with a great property management company greatly outweigh the cost of admission. Those that choose to hire a property management company are awarded the freedom of time, I’d like to consider one of our most precious asset. Of course, those services are often associated with minimal fees in contrast to the potential return of investment the managing company will be able to provide. Property management companies take care of nearly everything: locating tenants, ensuring rent is received, maintaining the status quo, avoiding vacancies and much more.

Qualifying Your Tenants

Unfortunately, when an investor such as yourself tries to take on the role of a property management company often times you may be lacking the resources to thoroughly screen prospective tenants. At times you may not even be %100 sure that the references that are being provided for prior landlords are legitimate, or if the prospective tenants make the minimum requirement of 3x their monthly rent. These are among many other questions that are valid determiners of whether or not a tenant is qualified to live in your property. By hiring The Zuñiga Property Management Group these will be things you won’t have to validate yourself. We basically remove all the hassle, time, and effort it will take to gather all of the needed legal information on your behalf.

Collection of Rent

The collection of rent for most landlords working without a management company can be the destruction of your investment. I have personally seen it too many times where a landlord may be to lenient on late rent. It is understandable and I comprehend that “Life Happens” and life itself can take unexpected turns for tenants and coming up with rent can be a struggle. Many Landlords are often times so hands on with their tenants that a great relationship is often created. This Can go one of two ways; the first is that your tenants will pay rent on time or the other which is the complete opposite and tenants will feel like they are able to pay the rent at any time past the due date. By having a professional property management company, you’re hiring a company with systems in place to address this type of scenario. No feeling bad for your tenant or extending time for someone who is late on their payment to you. We will ensure that your rent will be in on time every month, any given month the rent is not paid on time expect to receive an additional payment charged to the tenant for being late.

How well do you know the Fair Housing Laws?

Whether you own one investment property or manage multiple, it’s important for you to hire a property management company that understand and abides by applicable federal, state and local fair housing and discrimination laws in order to promote fair housing and run a compliant rental business. A lot goes into the regulation of ethics and legal issues and as a self-managing landlord you should be considering this along with many more things when you are managing your own house(s). The Zuñiga Property Management Group insures all things are done according to book. Professional, licensed property management companies are required to understand all federal and local fair housing laws and ensure they are followed, both to safeguard the rights of applicants and tenants and to protect owners from legal trouble. We help ensure owners rely only on legal, relevant and consistent criteria for making decisions about applicants’ qualifications, such as credit history, income ratio, and rental history.

Maintenance and the Urgency to Fix

As a property owner, maintenance and repairs can really take a toll right away. Often times a landlord is incapable of fixing a leaky faucet or broken shower head, other times landlords are just not financially prepared to make necessary corrections. I have seen this one to many times where a landlord is seen putting off these types of requested repairs that only seem to cause problems and leave your tenants very unhappy and frustrated. With a property management company, like The Zuñiga Property Management Group, you (and your tenants) are getting the support of an entire team of individuals dedicated to you and your tenant’s satisfaction. Our goal is to leave your tenant’s satisfied day in, day out providing you with high occupancy and little to no drama!

Still not fully invested in hiring a property management company? Give us a call today at 714-661-3569 to learn more about our services or simply click here to navigate to our website. We’ll provide you with a free rental analysis to determine how much you should be earning. Call today and experience what sets us apart from all the other real estate management companies, we are the definition of exceptional customer service!

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