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Getting started with The Sanchez Property Management Group is quick and easy

Our Goal

Why The Sanchez Property Management Group

Our goal is to protect and manage your investment property to help you attain maximum return on your investment. Your rental property is one of the largest and most important assets one can have. We understand that vacancies can be devastating to a property’s profitability. We work very hard at tenant recruitment, striving to place only reliable and responsible people into the properties we manage. With a strong management company, you can enjoy the benefits of being a property owner without the headaches that sometimes accompany the management of your investment.

Properties We Service



1-15 Units

Single Family Residences

1 House


1 Unit


1 Unit


1-2 Units


1-3 Units


1-4 Units

Properties We Service

The Following Isn't Intended To Be a Comprehensive List of Property Management Services We Offer 

But It Should Give You a Fair Idea of The Scope of Our Property Management Services

Rent Collection
Lease Management
Minimize Vacancies

Rent Collection Services

  • We Pursue Your Rents Until Collected In Full.

  • Negative Payment Trends Are Responded To Before Bad Habits Form.

  • We Serve 3 Day Notices To Pay Rent As Early As The 2nd Day of The Month.

  • Regular Rent Analysis And Raises When Appropriate.

  • Send Out Pay Or Quit Notices

  • Enforce Late Fees


  • Maintain all historical records (paid invoices, leases, inspection reports, warranties, etc.)

  • Monthly Owner’s Statements

  • Monthly Statement Includes All Financial Activity And Copies of The Bills We Paid On Your Behalf.

  • Provide Reports With All of Your Annual Figures For Tax Purposes.

  • Owners receive a monthly summary of all expenses and income.

  • Make payments on behalf of owner (Mortgage, insurance, HOA dues, etc.)

  • Detailed documentation of expenses via invoices and receipts

  • Advise owner on relevant tax deductions related to their rental property

Schedule Necessary Maintenance

  • We Schedule And Coordinate All Work Orders For Repairs.

  • You Receive All Original Receipts For Labor, Materials And Services.

  • We Supervise And Inspect Repairs And Maintenance.

  • You Approve Repairs And Improvements.

  • We Monitor Costs And Expenses.

  • We Perform Regular Physical Inspections.

  • Your Notified of All Potential Problems.

  • Assign Jobs To Different Parties (In-House Employees, hHandyman And Professional Contractors) Based On Who Will Do The Best Job For The Best Price.

  • We Have A a Preferred List Of Vendors

Lease Management

  • Perform Detailed Documentation of The Interior And Exterior Including Photos

  • Offer Recommendations On Repairs And Cosmetic Improvements That Maximize Monthly Rent While Providing Good Rent On Investment

  • Discuss With Owners The Pros And Cons of Different Policies Such As Accepting Pets, Allowing Smoking Etc.

  • Install A Lock Box

  • Prepare Home For Rent By Cleaning Home And Optimizing Interior Appeal

  • Manicure Landscaping To Increase Curb Appeal

  • Create Ads Tailored To The Property And Advertising Medium Such As MLS, Flyers, Etc.

  • Provide Prospective Tenants With Rental Applications That Are Legally Compliant With Fair Housing Laws

  • Meet Prospective Tenants For Showings Throughout The Week And Weekend.

  • Collection of Applications With Application Fee

  • Understand And Abide By The Latest Local, State And Federal Legislation That Apply To Renting And Maintaining Rental Properties

  • Tenant Screening

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24/7 Support
Property Inspection
Annual Walk-thru's
Expedite Evictions
Tenant Concerns

Minimize Vacancies

  • We Set Some Basic Rules For Cleanliness of The Units To Ensure That This Is A Place Where People Will Want To Live. 

  • All Requested Repairs Are Taken Care of In A Timely Manner. 

  • Research Local Rent Prices To Ensure A Competitive Deal Is Being Provided. 

  • Smart Advertising and Tenant Screening

  • Long-Term Lease Agreements

  • Responsiveness To Tenants

  • Proactive With Transitions, We Show Vacant Units Immediately.

  • We Build A Good Relationship With Existing Tenants.  

24/7 Management Support

  • Professional Leasing Staff – Our Licensed Leasing Staff Is Available 7 Days a Week To Return Calls And Answer Emails. This Ensures That Property Owners, Tenants And Prospective Renters Alike Can Get In Touch With Us About Your Property At Their Convenience.

  • Emergencies – Emergencies Are Addressed 24 Hours a Day, 7 Days a Week, Protecting Your Property From Further Damage That Could Occur By Putting Off Repairs That Are In Need Of Immediate Attention.

  • Online Maintenance Request – Current Tenants Who Need To Submit a Request For Maintenance Or Repairs Will Appreciate Our Simple, Online Maintenance Request Form.

  • Online Rental Application – Our Rental Application Is Available For Prospective Renters 24 Hours a Day, 7 Days a Week So They Can Inquire About Your Property At Their Convenience.


Property Inspection

  • Inspection Prior To Change In Property Management

  • Move-in Inspection

  • Move-out Inspection

  • Seasonal Inspections

  • Drive-by Inspections

  • Routine Safe and Clean Inspections

Perform Annual Walk-thru's With Tenants

  • Tenant Compliance (Check For Unpermitted Additional Tenants)

  • Routine Maintenance (Test Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Detector Batteries)

  • Weather Wear & Tear (Roof Inspection, Surrounding Grounds, Fencing, Etc)

  • Notoriously Difficult Basements & Foundations (Cracked Foundation, Water Damage)

  • Appliances (Check Stove, Oven, Etc. Supplied By Landlord)

  • Mechanical Systems (Plumbing Lines, Fixtures For Sinks, Toilets, Tubs, Etc)

Expedite Evictions

  • Fastidiously Follow The State And Local Laws

  • Three-Day Notice to Pay Rent or Vacate The Property

  • Three-Day Notice to Cure

  • 30-day Notice to End The Tenancy

  • 60-day Notice to End The Tenancy

  • 90-day Notice to End The Tenancy

Handle Tenant Concerns

  • Treating Tenants With Professional Respect And Dignity.

  • Responding To Work Orders Quickly.

  • Responding To Tenant Needs And Questions Promptly.

  • Excel in Customer Service

  • Taking Suggestions For Improvements

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24/7 Online Maintenance Request Form

Maintenance Request

Maintenance Request

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Applying For A Rental In 2 Easy Steps

Applying For Rental

1. Download Rental Application

2. upload Rental Application

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